What materials do I need?

Not many! You need pens and pencils, a highlighter, a notebook, a folder, some sticky notes, and some loose-leaf notebook paper.


What materials do you need?

Thanks for asking! I can always use notebook paper, printer paper, candy, pens and pencils, and tissues.


Do I need to buy books?

Maybe, but probably not. It all depends on how the semester goes, what you all show interest in, how many copies of a book we already have, and how you feel about reading online.


What if something happens and I can't do my work?

Let me know! I am not going to yell at you! Please just communicate with me.


What if I turn something in late?

I take 10% off the maximum grade for each day that an assignment is late.

1 day = 90%

2 days = 80%

3 days = 70%



Is there an exam?

For English 1, 3, and 4, there are NCFE Exams, and for English 2, there is an EOC Exam. Both kinds of exams count as 20% of your final course grade. 

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